Packed With Goodness.
Loaded With Flavor.

Each bite is stuffed full of simple, delicious ingredients.

Organic Non-GMO Corn Masa

We make all of our dishes with 100% organic and non-GMO corn masa, a staple in Latin American cuisine. Corn masa doesn’t contain gluten, so everything we make is also naturally gluten free.

Just the right amount of heat

We use smoky and spicy ancho, chipotle and cayenne peppers from all over the Americas, dried in the sun, and finely ground to preserve their signature kick.

Organic Blue Agave Nectar

Our organic, blue agave nectar is grown in Mexico and naturally extracted to create the sweet balance of a perfect tamale.

Consciously Raised Chicken

The chicken we select is from our very own US of A, raised without antibiotics or growth hormones, and never fed animal byproducts.

Ethically Sourced Pork

Our pork is raised in the USA using traditional, sustainable methods and never given growth hormones or antibiotics, and never eats animal byproducts.

Golden Sweet Corn

Our sweet, golden corn is 100% organic and GMO-free, bringing delightful flavors and rich textures to our signature recipes.

Fire Roasted Chiles and Jalapeños

Our green chiles and jalapeños are fire roasted to perfection at their peak ripeness, ensuring every ounce of flavor is locked in.

Mineral-Rich Leafy Greens

Our fresh greens are packed with nutritious vitamins and minerals that do wondrous things for your body, and our pupusas.

Protein-packed beans

Our fiber-rich, protein-packed beans add delicious flavor and texture to every recipe—especially those that are vegan and vegetarian-friendly.

Frozen Fresh

We utilize the power of the freezer to maintain every flavor-packed, crave-worthy ingredient—flash freezing to instantaneously lock in nutrients, preserving texture, flavor and quality every time. Frozen doesn’t mean unhealthy, processed or fake anymore. With Tres, it means homemade flavor ready in minutes, so you can relax knowing you’re eating well.