Simple Tres Lunch Ideas

03/28/19 | Blog Recipes

Simple Tres Lunch Ideas



Okay, raise your hand if you’re forever uninspired about lunch. We get it. We’ve spent countless days at the office, deep in the grind, then suddenly remembering that we’ve done ZERO planning for a our midday meal. And that is a serious waste because lunch can easily be the best meal of the day.


Our pupusas are meant to be as low-maintenance as it gets. Easy prep means they’re perfect to cook up at work… all you’ll need is a toaster oven or stovetop. Even a hot plate will do! And bring extra, because being popular around the workplace is pretty awesome.




1: Mini Salad


That “same old” romaine salad doesn’t feel quite so basic when you top it with mini pupusas. Whether you’re feeling Black Bean & Cheese , Jalepeño & Cheese or Pulled Pork & Pinto Bean , we’ve got enough variety to keep lunch on its tippy toes.


2: Rice, Beans and CHEESE


Why mess with a classic? Ummm… because it gets so much better! We always add Green Chili & Cheese Pupusas  here because mozzarella and roasted peppers make everything better. Plus it’s all vegetarian friendly.




3: Fruit Salad Spin


Keep it fully vegan with this option. Just start with a pile of your favorite fruits, then mix in mint, a bit of olive oil and a drizzle of sweetener. Our Black Bean & Sweet Corn Pupusas round out the sweetness of the salad and keep you feeling full and focused.


4: Spinach and Protein


This is the protein powerhouse that does not mess around. Lay it down with spinach, nuts, and fresh and dried fruit tossed in your favorite dressing. Then pop in the party with either Chicken & Cheese Pupusas or Shredded Pork & Pinto Bean Pupusas . Bonus points if you drizzle a little Skillet Sauce on top.



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