Pack Pupusas for Lunch!

7/20/17 | Tips

Our pupusas are an amazing quick family meal after a long day – you can go from bustling around town doing errands, or sweating at the gym, to sitting down with a healthy, delicious meal in just 4 minutes per side (10 minutes if you use the oven-cooking method 😉 ) But while we all appreciate the art of a satisfying and easy dinner, let’s not forget the importance of a satisfying and easy lunch!

Our pupusas (and Minis!) are also great for a mid-day meal at the office or in the school lunchroom. Prep them the night before or even pop them in the oven during the morning while you get ready for the day. Pack them up with curtido or your own favorite sides, some salsa, and if you’re feeling fancy, a fork.

When lunch time rolls around, you can decide if you like your pupusas as-is or want to rejuvenate them in the office microwave (about 1 minute is all it takes, depending on your microwave) – either way is delicious!

So next time you’re staring grimly into your refrigerator trying to motivate yourself to make another PB&J for lunch, remember that it doesn’t have to be that bleak! Tres pupusas are there to help, and we’re not just for dinner anymore.

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