What Makes Us Tres Latin Foods?

2/21/17 | News

At Tres Latin Foods, we believe good things come in threes. That’s why all our products promise 1. delicious, fresh-from-scratch flavors, 2.  simple, real ingredients, and 3. quick and easy preparation.

We love to explore flavors, and we’re inspired by many traditional Latin American dishes that you might not have seen in your frozen foods aisle before. If you’re a foodie or someone who loves to discover delicious new foods, with Tres it’s as easy as stopping by the local grocery store any night of the week.

We’re not impressed by the lengthy ingredients lists of other frozen meals, some of them including more unpronounceable words than a jumbo word scramble from the Sunday paper! So we’ve created our recipes with love, using ingredients you could find in your own kitchen. With simple, real ingredients, we can make foods that taste just as good as if you had whipped them up from scratch yourself. Through our flash freezing process, all our ingredients are kept fresh without having to rely on chemicals and artificial preservatives, so not only can you keep Tres Latin Foods in the freezer for a quick meal anytime, you can also enjoy them in peace, knowing exactly what you’re eating.

Our dishes are also easy enough that they fit into a modern, hectic life – so you can make a meal that tastes as good as homemade in just a few minutes. Keep a few of your favorite flavors on hand and you’ll always have a satisfying meal ready to go. There’s something about a piping hot pupusa fresh from the skillet that melts away all your troubles from the day.


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