Introducing the Mighty Mini Pupusa

3/30/17 | News

What’s better than a sizzling hot, fresh off the skillet pupusa? How about a giant platter filled with little bites of real-ingredient goodness. All the gluten-free, organic and non-GMO corn masa that you love in our standard pupusas, now in the perfect snack-etizer size. Griddle them up for the big game, oven-bake them for your family potluck, or pair them with your favorite salsa to impress all your party guests – behold the endless possibilities of the mini pupusa.

Meet the 3 new additions to the Tres family:

Pulled Pork and Pinto Bean Mini Pupusas

Pork Mini Pupusas

He’s the life of any party, and he brings the heat wherever he goes! Paired with your favorite guacamole this guy is unstoppable!

Jalapeño and Cheese Mini Pupusas

Jalapeno mini pupusas

This gal’s got a spicy attitude but a cheesy sense of humor. We love her with a little sour cream and salsa verde!

Black Bean and Cheese Mini Pupusas

Black bean mini pupusas

Pretty in pink, don’t let this punk fool you – she might not be spicy but she is packed with good flavor. We like her best with our homemade salsa roja!



Do you live near a King Soopers, City Market or Kroger? You’re one of the lucky ones! Post a pic of your first Minis sighting at the store, and we’ll send you a coupon for your next trip in! Go to to post and enter! #minissighting


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