Our Ingredients Make Us Who We Are – Our Chicken

5/15/17 | News

We’re proud of our simple ingredients – it’s part of what makes us who we are! No weird additives, just things you would find in your own kitchen. But for some ingredients, that goes beyond the recipe. For our chicken, we’re careful to source from farmers who care just as much as we do about making food that is simple and unaltered.

Farmer in blue overalls holding a chicken

It all starts with how they’re raised. All our chickens come from American farmers, all the way from egg to full grown bird. At the farms, our chickens are raised cage free – not in cramped, inhumane, boxes. The chickens are never fed animal byproducts, but instead eat a nutritious vegetarian diet that keeps them healthy. They’re also never given antibiotics, unlike most factory farms, which pump the stuff through every bird, just to make a bigger profit. This means you don’t have to worry about the potential affects of eating chickens raised on antibiotics. We also make sure none of our birds are genetically modified or given growth hormones – we prefer all natural.

All of our chicken is additive free – we don’t muck around with the flavor by adding MSG, or add fillers or preservatives, or do much of anything, really! We just throw in some spices, some garlic, some salt, then mix it all up with our other fantastic ingredients to create a dynamite dish.

It’s our philosophy that ingredients matter – the better the ingredients, the better the product. We think we’ve done a pretty good job of finding the right ingredients to make an amazing product, what do you think?

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