Gluten Free, Naturally

4/18/17 | News

At Tres Latin Foods, we don’t align with the stereotype that gluten free foods are less delicious – in fact, our pupusas are probably the most delicious thing in the world! (Are we biased? Maybe…) But seriously, we pride ourselves on the fresh-from-scratch flavor in every package of Tres pupusas, and because we use 100% organic and non-GMO corn masa, and all of our fillings are real, simple spices, veggies, beans, cheeses and meats, everything is completely gluten free! We’re a perfect easy meal for celiacs and people with gluten sensitivities and intolerances.

We talked to our friend Jen at the Gluten Free Media Group, because she’s an expert on living a gluten free lifestyle, with style, and picked her brain about the current gluten free mindset.

Tres: Is the gluten free community seeking healthier food options?

Jen: We are really seeing the gluten free community desire healthier food options. They frequently want something that has a clean label so that they can feel good about what they’re eating. Tres is a great example of cleaner and healthier gluten free products because we can see right on the label that there are only a few ingredients, we can pronounce all of them, and everything is gluten free.

Tres: Are there certain qualities that are especially important to gluten free consumers?

Jen: Everyone has their own priorities, but there are a couple of things that most people get excited about. One of those is finding GMO-free options, because people are becoming more and more mindful of their consumption choices and this label gives them some peace of mind. People also really want to find food that tastes good without breaking the bank – that’s something that gluten free consumers feel even more so because there is typically a premium on gluten free products, and fewer options that taste really satisfying.

Tres: So as a fan of Tres, why would you recommend it?

Jen: Tres has a lot of great qualities. You want to buy it, you want to eat it, and when you eat it, you’re happy!

Our pupusas, mini pupusas, and tamales are savory and delicious, so you don’t have to feel like you’re missing out on yummy foods. We even fit into more restrictive diets, with vegan, dairy free, and allergen free dishes! And the best part of all is that all of our ingredients are things you would trust and find in your own kitchen – we don’t have to add any unpronounceable junk or strange ingredients like you might see on other gluten free ingredients lists.

So go ahead, feel good about buying Tres Latin Foods because you can trust that we use real ingredients, and are always 100% gluten free. Find your nearest retailer and take some home for dinner tonight!


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