Tres Latin Foods are Celiac Friendly and Completely Gluten Free

9/19/17 | News

We’re happy to make gluten-free products that support people with Celiac disease and gluten intolerance. Our ingredients are a primary foundation for who we are as a company – we always strive to keep our recipes as simple as anything you’d find in your own kitchen recipe box, and stay away from ingredients that don’t belong in a healthy diet.

Tres Latin Foods are made with organic and GMO-Free corn masa, an ingredient that is naturally gluten-free.We also avoid other ingredients that might contain gluten, so we are celiac safe.

We know gluten-free foods have a bad rap for being dry, tasteless versions of the original, but our foods are vibrant and flavorful! We don’t have to find gluten-free replacements for the ingredients, we just let the original recipe shine through. Grab Tres Latin Foods from the freezer section, and you’ve got a fulfilling and delicious meal for you, a loved one, or anyone you know that is avoiding gluten!

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